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                              What are the basic rules of EDM process of injection mold cavity?

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                              Mold material requires strength, toughness, heat resistance, wear enough, and good corrosion resistance, heat treatment hardness must be greater than 42-48HRC, the cavity surface need to maintain long-term surface roughness. Commonly used materials, 45, Tl0, TlOA, 9Mn2V, 3Cr2W8 etc.. So the basic rules of the EDM process is as follows.

                              (1) the upper die and lower die manufacturing process

                              The plane shape, each 0.5 ~ LMM, external margin is set according to the cavity complexity.

                              The two plane plane and put the grinding allowance.

                              The scribing.

                              The electric spark machining, the cavity in general than the prototype cavity deep 0.3-0.5rrm, set aside of grinding, grinding machine grinding is to collapse due to polish the fitter angle.

                              Based on electrical discharge machining cavity as a benchmark, cars, milling, boring, drilling the hole, surface.

                              The fitter renovation of shape.

                              After heat treatment, quenching of 46-53HRC.

                              The fitter assembly, molded samples.

                              The electrode material of choice for high purity graphite, copper and tungsten copper.

                              (2) electrode manufacturing process of graphite should be pretreated before processing, in the oil soaked well, so, in the mechanical machining, graphite dust is not easy to fly, Qing angle line and the edge line is not easy peeling off.

                              Graphite and copper electrode by mechanical processing general (cars, milling, planing, milling, CNC machining using when necessary), finally fitter shaping. Copper Tun pole can be machined by wire cutting.

                              The cavity shape is relatively simple, most of the forming process of single electrode, which uses an electrode by means of translation, widen the gap, to repair the optical cavity objective. Single electrode can be a single block electrode, can also be used in the electrode, the electrode process and.

                              For the mold of medium and large and complex cavity, can adopt multiple electrode processing, each gun pole which can be a single block, can also be used, depending on the specific circumstances.

                              (3) the EDM mold (mold or die) general machining first appearance, and then to the cavity EDM with reference to the processing of other holes, so the electric spark machining operators, identify the location is convenient. But not so, some die relates to many factors, the last step is to EDM, this positioning, the electric spark machining fixture, processing have higher requirements.

                              Using EDM to die in the process of place is very much, because the electric spark processing speed is slow, so in the mold processing can use cutting to the local processing with machining, cutting not to place with electric spark machine to. Electrical discharge machining in general to go through the following three processes:

                              Rough machining the mold machining parts.

                              Machining the electrode.

                              The EDM process.

                              The electric spark forming process can be seen, the electric discharge machining cost is higher, slower, but often the product of odd shape, irregular shape, which is milling, turning, wire cutting can not completely finished, have to use the electric spark machining can not be. This is also the current caused by a mould expensive.

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