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                              The discussion exchange mold enterprises

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                              In February 29th, in the new year, gathered in Longquan part of the mould enterprise in our city, the exchange forum will be held.

                              Before the forum, participants visited the Sichuan Jobon mould Co., Ltd, Chengdu Wan Shunda mold parts new Chi Industrial Co. ltd.. Jobon mould Co., Ltd. strategic adjustment last year, in the integration of customer resources, improve and strengthen the internal management of enterprises, foreign advanced idea of small and medium-sized enterprises is introduced in the system management, and pay attention to the details of the treatment in the management of. At last year's European summit, caused concern in contact with Europe in small and medium enterprises,, and have achieved initial results. Compared with the Jobon die a year ago, to the participants left a deeper impression. Wanshunda mold in a year of in the past according to the change of the market, reduce production, strive for order in the mold, and achieved good harvest. New records of die last year the successful completion of the new plant relocation, the relocation at the same time, management, equipment, technology has been greatly improved, the mold production value has exceeded 30000000 yuan. In the West in the first at the same time, entered the top three nationwide.

                              The exchange forum will be held in the new will die, participants were very eager to speak. And has carried on the discussion from several aspects:

                              The necessity, establish a cooperation and exchange. Participants think, the competition between enterprises, should not be mutual exchanges and cooperation between enterprises of the impact. To break the backward situation of mold enterprise Chengdu area closed to each other, to the coastal area of Taiwan, the mold enterprise learning, in Chengdu area mould Cluster Advantage external single. Complementarity, cooperation, especially in the area of Chengdu socialization, specialization level is low, is particularly important. The association should strengthen the exchange of information, do the basic work related.

                              Two, to be called Chengdu mold brand. The overall level of Chengdu mold at present and coastal, abroad than the technology gap is not large, but local mould outflow to the coastal and even foreign processing worth pondering. The participants believe that many small and medium-sized enterprises, we at the lower end of the mould adopts the low cost competition is no way out, it is in Chengdu mold brand. Chengdu mould must enter the high-end market, enterprise, society should make joint efforts to build Chengdu mold brand. To seek a breakthrough in the domestic, the domestic and foreign markets, the new year.

                              Three, the work of the association hopes and requirements. Participants think, association should understand the enterprise needs what. The association should do more practical work, allow enterprises to truly feel the benefit, there is the feeling of "home". The association should do good service, he is not empty. Attendees clearly put forward the relevant information services, to enjoy preferential policies, market development, the idea of inter enterprise communication.

                              Symposium participants expressed a common desire to Chengdu die spring. The exchange forum will end in a warm atmosphere.

                              The exchange forum will also be invited to the Chengdu Xinghua letter Information Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Xia Liming introduced the situation of the Innovation Fund for technology oriented small and medium-sized enterprisesand its culture to seek and enjoy preferential policies, and provide the relevant information to the participants.

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