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                              Slide the plastic injection mold is how to work?

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                              The slide block and the slide block is a plastic injection mold side core and guiding parts, its main role is to type side hole or cavity and core pulling guide. When the slider on the driving bevel pillar along the guide chute, as shown below. With the different mold, shape, size of block is different, with integral type also have the slider combination.

                              The slider and the slanting slide for the combination of plane and cylindrical surface. Oblique, oblique guide pillar hole and the forming surface shape, position precision and with the higher requirements. In addition to ensure the process size, shape precision, but also to ensure the accuracy of position. The forming surface to ensure a low surface roughness. The guide surface and forming the surface wear resistance requires high block and the inclined sliding block, the common material for tool steel or alloy tool steel, forged blank in finishing before to arrange heat treatment to achieve the required hardness.

                              Processing of guide chute. The guide chute is guide slider, slider in the guide chute movement is smooth, without moving and locking phenomenon. Guide chute with integral type and combination type two, relatively simple structure, most of them can be used by plane, planing, milling, grinding and other methods (below) for processing. In the coordination of the guide chute and sliding, left, right, and two directions with the plane is in clearance fit with precision, they usually H7/f6 or H8/f7, surface roughness =0.63-1.2 of 5 μ m brother. Guide chute material is generally 45, T8, Tl0, heat treatment hardness 52-56HRC

                              The image below shows, the guide slot is T shaped knife directly processed, and the T shaped knife at present the most widely used is S=5mm and 5=7.5mm, as long as the T knife in the cutting direction feed, the pilot chute is machined, the guide chute height is T shaped blade thickness S.

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