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                              What is the milling process of mold NC?

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                              The core mold parts are used for forming the inner surface of the cavity, and it is an important part, forming die. Their quality directly affects the quality of the service life of the die., life and forming. Therefore, quality of the mold parts requiring high.

                              Due to forming shapes, sizes vary greatly, so the core mold parts of the breed is various, according to the section shape of the core, can be roughly divided into two kinds of circular and irregular.

                              A circular core manufacturing is easy, the general use of turning, milling, grinding, roughing and semi finishing machining. After heat treatment in the cylindrical grinder to grind, finishing, polishing can achieve the design requirements. Irregular core in the manufacture of a circular core is much more complex.

                              The core parts of the forming surface and with surface rotating or non rotating body of. The core forming surface is convex surface machining, the machining process and main points of the cavity part consistent. The rotary matching surface and non rotary forming surface of the parts, processing should be processed with the surface, and in line with the processing of a reference plane surface, as the forming surface machining and measuring datum of local structure. For non rotating body with the surface and rotary forming surface of the parts, processing should first forming surface, with the surface after machining. Forming local groove, surface on the surface of the structure should be the main forming surface processing after the completion of processing, to ensure the position, size and shape accuracy. The surface also needs to have the draft forming core parts, and polishing, to release the products.

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