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                              In die and mold polishing should do what preparation?

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                              Should first understand the mold is polished parts using material and hardness in polishing, because the selection of die materials affect the polishing quality. In general, the hardness of the steel is high, difficult to grinding and polishing, but harder materials can get smaller surface roughness value. Therefore, the mould steel materials by quenching or nitriding treatment to improve the polishing of steel (Note: for polishing materials, in the quenching, nitriding before pre polishing, the surface roughness value R. Reached 0.2-0.l / Jm, the heat treatment after polishing).

                              In addition to the performance of materials, before being polished, also asked the locksmith will relevant polished surface pre plastic scraper, so that the surface roughness value R. Up to 3.5-1.6Jlm. The polishing precision size, also need to keep 0.1 o, polishing allowance 5 "M. According to the polishing surface morphology, the polishing tool selection or making and polishing pieces to adapt, and vulnerable parts of the protective measures are taken to polishing.

                              The polishing operation, the polished surface with kerosene to clean, and then use 100# to 150# oilstone grinding, the grinding wheel is also used by hand or with a handheld grinder with suitable for grinding. If by hand grinding, should the original processing pattern direction oilstone grinding direction and work piece in vertical cross, so that we can see clearly the original traces of processing is grinding away, if have been grinding away, you should clean the surface, replacing the more fine level oilstone grinding. When replacing the 240# stone, and then switch to the 280# metallographic sandpaper. When cleaning with cotton wool dipped in kerosene and gently wipe, wipe with cotton silk or. When the metallographic sandpaper replacement to 500#, if you need to continue to grind, must use felt wheel in grinding paste with a handheld grinder polishing.

                              In precision polishing of the mold parts, if use cotton dipped in kerosene gently wipe, should pay attention to wipe the strength, direction and the number of times back and forth, not to rub, rub after the first must be replaced with new cotton. The first selection of grinding paste W40, then replace the W20, W10, W5, W2. 5, Wl paste, so that the machining accuracy, until the required date.

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