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                              What is the development direction of rapid tooling manufacturing technology?

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                              To improve the performance of rapid tooling, rapid mold precision mold of the good performance and high precision is the key problem for the application and popularization of rapid tooling.

                              To improve the performance of mould. In order to obtain high quality parts and mold good use performance, working surface requires rapid die hard and wear resistant, temperature cycle and can withstand high temperatures and upheaval; inner core material mould should have a high thermal conductivity, so that the heat can be rapidly transferred from the workpiece, it should also be a good fracture toughness to bear the fatigue cycle.

                              In order to make the mold meet the performance requirements, the traditional method is to use heat treatment or surface coating. In addition, performance can use more advanced methods to change the mold.

                              A. uses the function gradient material. The functionally gradient material, using different materials of mold parts, such as the surface has the hard ceramic or cermet, the inner core of ductile metal composite materials, and in between there is continuous gradual rather than abrupt. Now, many developers are committed to produce gradient material in the RP environment, so as to enable the gradient material consisting of a combination of rapid tooling.

                              B. uses a computer aided engineering and virtual manufacturing technology. In order to effectively improve the properties of mould, will further using computer aided engineering (CAE) and virtual manufacturing technology, the selection and combination of the mold material, mold structure design and optimized, quality and productivity of products and higher. With the development of CAE technology, will be able to mold performance analysis and process very complicated calculation, optimization, more profound understanding of the material in the interaction characteristics and structure of the curing process flow, deformation.

                              Virtual manufacturing technology is the inevitable expansion of computer aided engineering analyses in rapid prototyping -- Virtual Application in the field of rapid prototyping, it can create a virtual reality environment, before the development of physical prototype and production tooling, more convenient, accurate simulation of forming process of material properties of workpiece by computer, and prediction of die, provide a powerful means for the optimization and development of rapid tooling.

                              Improving the accuracy of rapid tooling. Due to some error converting layered manufacturing principle and RP RP technology to the RT process and the RT material itself, makes the rapid tooling precision finally produced is not very good. Therefore, to improve the accuracy of rapid prototype manufacturing, direct or indirect rapid tooling precision is a key problem for the promotion and development of rapid tooling.

                              With the development of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling manufacturing technology, other technology and RP RT technology, continuous integration, in the near future, fast high precision mold will have great development.

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