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                              Electroforming mold manufacturing process has the following characteristics

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                              The surface forming accurately replicate the complex shape, making the surface roughness value (R. =O.1 "m), with the same original mold can produce a plurality of electrical casting (an excellent agreement with the shape, size).

                              The equipment is simple, easy to operate.

                              The electroforming speed (need dozens or even hundreds of hours): electric casting 4: angle and groove is not easy to get cast layer of uniform, large size and thin casting easy deformation.

                              In die manufacturing, electroforming method is mainly used for plastic injection mold cavity machining of mould cavity, in order to ensure enough strength and stiffness, the film thickness is 6 8mm. With the nickel electroforming material, electroforming time is approximately 8 days, the tensile strength of casting for General Electric (1.4 ~ 1.6) X L06 Pa, hardness 35-50HRC, without the need for heat treatment. The cavity under impact load (such as forging die cavity), not by electroforming.

                              The high precision, imitation strong, can produce multi impression moulds, complex shape, precision can reach to O.1 a m O.2 ".

                              The molding speed, compared with the traditional mechanical method, the general can be shortened by 30%-60 16 cycle.

                              The low cost, the general can reduce the mold cost 40%-80%.

                              The cavity surface roughness value is small, Ra can reach 0, 05 / 1m, forming product luster.

                              It has good corrosion resistance, electroforming cavity has relatively strong corrosion resistance. The decomposition of corrosive substances in the air corrosion medium and the injection process, keep the surface roughness, the life of mould can be increased significantly, up to 600000 times.

                              Electroforming process is the main disadvantages: long manufacturing cycle, such as nickel electroforming, need six or seven days to meet the requirements; electroforming layer thickness is influenced by many factors, so the thickness is thin, generally not more than 8mm; electroforming layer stress is usually very large, so large electroforming large deforming.

                              The use of electroforming in die rarely, generally have special requirements on the surface of the product. Electroforming belongs to the special processing technology, electroforming using very specific, usually by conventional processing can not achieve the circumstances to consider using the electroforming, and the price is quite expensive, are generally not easily use, are often used in:

                              The doll;

                              The angular and mirror the requirements of products;

                              The small bump and angle is sharp, and the mirror surface, profile line products;

                              The copy crafts mold fine.

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