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                              Understand the forming process of fused deposition

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                              Fused deposition modeling (fused depo-sition modeling, FDM) is a manufacturing technology for rapid prototyping rapid prototyping another application process more extensively and laminated solid Jiguang stereolithography. The process to develop American Stratasys FDM manufacturing system is the most widely used. Since 1993 the company developed the first FDM16 50 models, has launched the.FDM2000, FDM3000, FDM8000 and in 1998 launched attract sb.'s attention FDM Quantum models, maximum size of Quantum type FDM modeling to 600mm>< 500mm X 600mm. China's Tsinghua University and Beijing Yin Hua company also carried out an earlier development of FDM technology commercialization system, and introduced the melted extrusion manufacturing equipment of MEM250.

                              Melt extrusion process for new product development of household appliances, office equipment and mold industry and used in the manufacture of three-dimensional entity model of digital imaging technology based on the artificial limb, medicine, medical, geodesy, archaeology. The technology without laser system, so the price is low, the operation cost is low and high reliability. In addition, the technology of rapid prototyping method at present, the application of FDM technology in the field of medicine has unique advantage. Stratasys company in 1998 in cooperation with the MedModeler company developed a dedicated to the medical field of MedModeler models, the use of ABS material, and in 1999 introduced the use of polyester thermoplastic Genisys improved model of Genisys Xso

                              Fused deposition rapid prototyping technology has been widely used, because it has many advantages of other forming methods don't have, as follows.

                              A. due to the hot melt extrusion head technology, make the whole system structure principle and has the advantages of simple operation, low maintenance cost, the safe operation of the system, can use the raw materials non-toxic, equipment can be installed in an office environment.

                              B. fast forming speed. With fused deposition method produced the product, do not need scraper in SLA processing this procedure. The calibration of the system for automatic control.

                              The prototype parts

                              C. wax molding, can be directly used in lost foam casting.

                              D. can be of arbitrary complexity of forming parts, commonly used in the forming cavity, has very complex hole parts;

                              E. raw materials, no chemical change in the process of forming parts warpage;

                              F.High utilization rate of the raw material and the material long life;

                              G. support removal is simple, needs no chemical cleaning, easy separation.

                              Of course, FDM forming process and other rapid prototyping process, also has many shortcomings, mainly as follows.

                              A. parts surface has obvious stripe;

                              B. axis perpendicular to the direction along the forming weak;

                              C. needs to support structure design and prototyping;

                              D. scan of the whole cross section of coating, forming a long time;

                              E. raw material is expensive.

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