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                              Lock 4.7 inch screen suspected iPhone6 abrasives and exposure

                              source:Zhongguancun Online Release time:2014-4-16 15:44:48 clicks:69

                              Just yesterday, several suspected apple iPhone6 production abrasive pictures have been exposed, so that we almost believe that the large screen iPhone6 coming may. Then, we just from the French site to see the other two is called the iPhone6 production abrasive image, at the same time in order to better control and iPhone4 (or 4S) for size comparison.


                              Lock 4.7 inch screen suspected iPhone6 abrasives and exposure

                              In order to further reflect the difference on the size, even in the exposure tool of P iPhone5s's photo, by drawing effect of iPhone5s and figure out the grinding width of 64 mm, length 138 mm, the screen size is 4.7 inch conclusion. This is almost confirmed the possibility of large screen iPhone6. Of course, the website also points out another conjecture, said that because of the mold base is a cone, so there may be used before iPhone5s, 5 development tools, after all, the bottom part is just can be embedded in a iPhone5s.

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