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                              Analysis: the development of China's market and enterprise reform

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                              China's mold industry want to intensive route development, intensive development path, be sure to the "low input, high output" business goals, the need to mold enterprise from many aspects of change.

                              Development needs within the outer chain of mold industry, first of all need to do is change idea, establish the concept of development long-term and formulating development goals and feasible. And continuously improve enterprise management level, improve the management efficiency, optimize the structure of the Department, human resources and avoid waste of time, and optimize the internal competition mechanism, improve the staff's occupation quality, fan out from point to area, promote the industry brand construction.

                              Based on the cultivation of single enterprise brand, through the unified coordination, participate in a number of functional departments, the cultivation project of regional brand, support, using industry collective trademark registration. Using the brand driven agglomeration effects, the enterprise cluster to promote industrial development.

                              Moreover, the relevant scientific research institutions, colleges and contact, and actively promote the strengthening and related research institutions, universities cooperation enterprises, formed a set production, learning and research, inspection for the integration of public technical service platform to build detection; standardized information platform, the related technical institutions, the enterprise standardization experts to set up the standard information research group encourage and support enterprises; participation in fairs, meetings, creating exhibition brand, the establishment of enterprise marketing platform, Sharing Alliance marketing resources; promote the construction of human resource, integration of the enterprise talent, technology advantages, use of leading enterprises and mold testing center resources, set up a technical development center of Die & mould industry, help the enterprise to realize the transformation and upgrading.

                              So, in general, China's mold industry development in recent years has made great progress, but the prominent problem is also very worthy of note. Die structure unreasonable phenomenon still exists, therefore, China's mold industry to take intensive development road, mold production is the only way which must be passed to seek new high-end industry development.

                              With the continuous development of China's mold industry, the demand and requirement of mold products has gradually improved. This increase is more power on the industry technology upgrade. In the future development of the industry, technological innovation is mainly, is the necessary technical promotion, this is the most important industry in the rapid development and market demand conditions.

                              At present, the high-grade die in great demand in domestic market, of which, home appliances, automobile, plastics industry needs to die. It is understood, "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, the general trend of mould market steady upward, but the requirements of domestic mold must meet the needs of users in terms of quality, delivery etc..

                              The international market, in recent years, the artificial cost of industrial developed country, the developing country especially the Southeast Asian countries transfer. Its domestic production of high precision molds, labor input, large amount of mold to rely on imports to solve. In the opinion of the mold expert Luo Baihui, low die international market potential is very great. As long as the quality of domestic mould to improve, delivery can guarantee, mold export prospects are very optimistic. In addition, domestic mold standard parts demand is great. At present, only a small amount of exports in china. In a year of in the past, Chinese tool market demand growth is slow, mainly because of increased tool life, another is the user for the entire manufacturing process requirements, instead of the machine tool and many, and application of multi function tool more and more, instead of a simple tool that many previous single function.

                              From the development trend of mechanical manufacturing industry, the future high performance CNC machine tools in China factory in the proportion has increased year by year, demand of efficient and advanced cutting tool will increase quickly. In addition, because the labor cost in China is increasing, the tool in the low price advantage will be gradually lost. The numerical control machine tool demand more advanced this situation, China's tool industry must change the idea, vigorously develop the advanced tool of production, pay attention to sales at the same time, more attention should be paid to the after sale service, innovation efforts to occupy more market share.

                              Plastic hardware industry is a traditional industry, our country started earlier, the development of increasingly mature, but also grow a number of potential small and medium-sized enterprises, in the current environment of international competition, only the original advantage has been unable to meet the compression cost modern trade process, as well as the demand for profit maximization, to accelerate the development of electronic commerce become the domestic plastic hardware industry meet the challenge of economic globalization, to seize the initiative of development, the inevitable choice to improve the international competitiveness, electronic commerce will become the main power in twenty-first Century, trade growth hardware plastic machinery mould industry.

                              China today's mechanical plastic hardware mold market is very active, plastic hardware products will become a new hot spot of consumption and a new economic growth point, but the market situation and competition situation cruel has been related to enterprise hardware plastic industry chain pushed to the edge of the cliff, in the face of the international market pressure, hardware and plastic domestic enterprises to to overcome the raw material prices, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, part of the serious oversupply of production capacity and other unfavorable factors, actively change the mode of operation, the use of modern network outstanding intangible market function, and achieve tangible, intangible market and the market, expand sales channels, the potential of mining enterprises, and actively explore the international market, so that enterprises can really go out of trouble li.

                              Industrial innovation, technological upgrading of China mould industry has.

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